Customer support chatbot

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Here you can understand what is a Customer support chatbot and how you can build one (or at least to give you the right direction).   Types of customer support chatbots, based on their functionality: Button based They are simple … Read More

What is a chatbot?

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‘A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both.’ [1]   Chatbots are virtual assistants that establish communication with people through exchanging messages and are usually incorporated into applications and webpages. … Read More

How to create a viber keyboard and open it in internal browser

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 You should send a POST request to viber webhook on The request headers should contain: X-Viber-Auth-Token: <your viber authentication token> Content-Type:application/json An example request body is: {   “receiver”:“01234567890A=”, “type”:“text”, “text”:“Hello viber keyboard”, “keyboard”:{   “Type”:“keyboard”, “DefaultHeight”:true, “Buttons”:[   {   “ActionType”:“reply”, “ActionBody”:“reply to me”, “Text”:“Key text”, “TextSize”:“regular” … Read More