What is it?

The “welcome chatbot” is a computer program which interacts with your customers via chat messages. It welcomes and navigates visitors, making it easier for them to connect with you and ask the right questions. The welcome bot can be installed on your website or platform. It will appear as a small chat icon on the right side of your site. It will also be available in your facebook page. People can chat to your facebook page and your “welcome chatbot” will be there welcoming and navigating them. It is always better to instantly “say hi” to people and help them instead of making them wait for an answer from an operator.


How does the welcome chatbot work?

The purpose of the “welcome bot” is to make a warm welcome to your visitors and tell them all the ways you can be useful to them. After the bot guides your customers an operator will be able to chat with them and continue from there. In fact an operator can intercept the bot anytime he sees suitable.  Imagine the bot as a personal assistant who guides your visitors. This is easily explained with example. Below is a video of our bot. Feel free to use it if you have more questions.


Customize to suit your needs.

For different business different welcome bots will be needed. There is no – one size fits all here.
We will design and suggest a bot specifically tailored for your use case. However you are the person who knows best the specifics of your business, that is why we will build your bot exactly as you see it. We will put the texts and actions you prefer.


Optimize for best performance.

You will be able to see every interaction your bot makes. You can pinpoint its weak points and improve it. After you have a suggestion what to improve we will update the bot for you.


Pay only if you like it. No strings attached. No risk for you.

The bot works as a standalone application deployed in its own environment. This means it doesn’t need to be installed on your site, thus it does not compromise the security and performance of your website.
When you order your bot we create it for free. You don’t need to pay us anything. You pay only to put your bot online. You can quit anytime in the process, it is perfectly fine. Although we will be thankful if you give us feedback on why you quit.
We believe that a trusting relationship with you, our customers, is crucial to success. In order to promote such relationship, we offer you to pay us only if you like your bot.


Development and Integration Process

  • Write us what is your site and that you want a welcome bot. We will suggest a bot for you. If you already know how you want your bot to handle the user interactions tell us.
  • We give you a link where you can privately test your welcome bot.
  • You test your bot and give us feedback
  • We change the bot according to the feedback
  • You test again
  • After you are satisfied you put the facebook customer plugin on your site. (This step is optional but recommended)
  • We put your bot online
  • You pay us



  • 50$ initial setup (including first two months)
    If your want a very complex and highly customized chatbot, this can introduce a lot of effort on our side. In this case additional costs may apply. We will tell you in advance.
  • 5$ per month to keep your bot up and running
    If you receive more than 500 000 messages per month, additional costs can apply.
  • Additional costs apply for adding new features after the initial startup