Sell more tickets and increase your festival reach

During the last year there has been a growing tendency for many festivals to use chatbots for advertising purposes to reach more fans and communicate with them. After several successful projects for big European festivals, we managed to optimize and create a chatbot solution for several great european festivals. Here you can find some of our Festival projects: . We work in close partnership with viber. We create the chatbot, while viber attracts users by publishing stickers and native advertising.


What are the advantages of using our chatbot and services for your festival?

  1. Reach new users, your potential customers. Tell them about your festival and show them how to buy tickets.
  2. Choose your target country
  3. Segment the users by certain criteria (for example music style, age or other).
  4. Send targeted messages to users you choose.
  5. After the festival the subscribers, continue using the chatbot and receive your information for future events
  6. Re-engage users after your first successful campaign and start selling festival tickets again.
  7. The communication channel is fresh & unsaturated so customers are not annoyed, but curious to communicate with the chatbot.


What do you get from us?


  1. A button for buying tickets
  2. A button for sharing in the Facebook and Viber communities
  3. Lineup/bands, musicians, etc., taking part in the festival
  4. Useful links and FAQ
  5. Embedded video content (YouTube, Facebook)
  6. Subscription option
  7. Questions regarding music style preferences (up to 6 styles)
  8. Between 8 and 10 stickers
  9. Custom design
  10. Hosting and support
  11. Analytics

You will be able to see every interaction your bot makes. You can pinpoint its weak points and improve it. After you have a suggestion what to improve we will update the bot for you.


What do you get from Viber?

  1. Stickers publishing on a pre-set date. The stickers stay on top of the Viber sticker market including promotional banners
  2. Each sticker download means your chatbot gets a new user
  3. Forming a Viber community with your most valuable fans. You can communicate freely and informally. more here
  4. Assistance in organizing the whole campaign plus options to use additional native advertising tools in Viber
  5. One targeted message per week to a certain segment of users or all of your users. (Here you can invite ticket purchase or show memorable moments of your festival – teasers and others).


You can see live demo here:
(you need to have viber installed on the device with which you open the link).
Or you can scan this QR Code


Linbots demo QR code


If you have further questions don’t hesitate to write us.