Why do we need Viber/Messenger chatbot?

"Chatbots are an effective marketing and distribution channel because they can deliver personalized messages and content to your audience" - entrepreneur.com

Your orders start from Facebook and Viber

The customer can initiate his purchase on Facebook or Viber and finish it at your online store or save a query on the social network. Everything is in the cloud! With our chatbot, you benefit from the advantages of the cloud technology. It’s all about the higher security and greater reliability for your customers and services.

Easier purchasing process

Personalised results for every client. Your clients find exactly what they need. They can find the desired product they’ve been looking for only with a couple of questions and therefore finish the purchasing process. 


Be aware of your customers’ needs. There is no need for expensive marketing research tools anymore. Our chatbots can ask your customers common questions for their customers’ needs. Thus you would know what, when and who has searched for it, at all.

Integrate your chatbot with your partners’ systems

We offer integration with external systems and information sources. 

Customized messages and notifications

Customized messages and notifications tailored to the specifics of your business and customers. Remind your customers of important for them events and promotions

Less staff

It’s not necessary to involve an employee of yours in every question asked or a purchase made. The request is passed to your employee only if there is no other alternative. The rest of the requests are automated

Reach your customers where they are – on Facebook or Viber

The chatbot is plugged in your Facebook page or Viber stickers and when someone sends messages to your page, he automatically sends them to your chatbot. Facebook and Viber offers chat button which you can put on your page in a way that motivates your customers to contact you. This helps your customer’s interest’s growth and your order’s number.